How To Keep The Interior Of Your Car Clean And Free From Odors

Posted on: 24 May 2019

When you buy a new car, you probably love the new car aroma and pristine cleanliness of the upholstery and carpet. You probably vow to keep the car in a clean condition for as long as possible. However, life tends to have other plans for your car. Even if you don't have kids or pets, and even if you don't allow food in your car, the vehicle will eventually accumulate dirt, stains, and odors unless you detail it regularly. Here are some tips for keeping the inside of your car in excellent shape.

Decide What You'll Allow

Set firm rules for your new car that everyone must follow. For instance, if you forbid sodas, you can probably eliminate problems with gummy residue in the cup holders and console. You may want to prohibit all food and drinks except water so crumbs and food stains won't ruin the carpet or seats. You may also want to ban pets from your new car, especially if you have another car in the family that they can use. Unfortunately, while strict rules might keep your car in better shape, they can be hard on everyone—especially your dogs and kids.

Protect Your Car's Interior

You can protect the carpet in your car by covering it with floor mats and placing towels across carpeted areas that are left exposed. You can also cover the seats with towels, blankets, or seat covers. While these may not be attractive options, they'll protect the fabrics in your car when you travel with kids and pets. You can remove and wash the towels to eliminate car odors, and then when you travel with other adults, you can leave the towels at home and your upholstery and carpet will be clean and fresh since it has been protected.

Have A Regular Auto Detailing

Detailing is necessary for keeping the interior of your car clean and odor free. You can detail your car yourself, but the results are better when you hire a professional for the job. A good compromise is to have your car professionally detailed a few times a year and then do the work yourself in between. Professional auto detailing is better because professionals have the tools and cleaning supplies needed to get results without leaving residue or damage behind. Plus, when you're used to seeing the inside of your car every day, you may become blind to grime in areas like the console and doors. When your car is detailed, the company often has a small crew working on your car that cleans the entire inside without missing any spots. Your carpets, seats, console, doors, dash, and windows are made as clean and stain free as possible, and odor removers leave your car smelling fresh. While auto detailing is an added expense, the cost is worth it to have a car you're not embarrassed to drive. Plus, your car will hold its value longer, and the better you clean your car, the easier it is to keep it clean.