Don't Overlook Your Vehicle's Suspension System

Posted on: 8 July 2019

Every car owner knows to pay attention to their tires, but how often do you really think about your suspension system? Your suspension system plays a large role in making sure your tires maintain their grip on the road so you can maintain full control of your vehicle. Here's how your tires suspension system helps you as you travel down the road.

Create a Smooth Ride

If you've noticed that your vehicle is swaying, bouncing, or is otherwise becoming uncomfortable to drive, the suspension might be at fault. A well-tuned suspension system will ensure your wheels have the maximum leverage needed to get you down the road without any hiccups. Your suspension system's springs will absorb any shocks from the road so you don't feel them while sitting in your seat, creating a smooth ride for you and your family.

Prevent Needless Wear and Tear to Your Tires

A vehicle with a poor or degraded suspension system is a vehicle that is soon going to need new tires as well. If those springs we just mentioned are not able to absorb enough energy as you drive down the road, this will cause your vehicle to jostle or sway. Over time, this rocking back and forth will cause additional wear and tear to your tires. When your suspension system is working properly, it will suck up most of that excess energy so your tires don't have to deal with the full brunt of it all on their own.

Safer Driving from Start to Finish

We've talked about how a good suspension system can lead to a smooth and comfortable ride, but don't forget the safety aspect of this as well. When your car does not have proper suspension, you will not be able to steer, brake or generally handle the car as easily as you could if things were working properly. A car with a bad suspension system might take a bit of extra time and effort to come to a full stop. Driving with a bad suspension system could be especially dangerous if the roads are not in good condition.

Better Performance 

Finally, if you have a higher-end vehicle, you probably want to make sure it can perform to the best of its ability. Splurging on fancy performance tires isn't going to help you that much if the suspension system you have in place isn't working in tandem with said tires. A good suspension system will help you maintain a better grip on the road, and this will lead to better vehicle performance across the board. Better performance could also possibly translate to better gas mileage over the long haul.

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