Important Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Cummins Performance Engine

Posted on: 14 October 2020

Today, Cummins performance engines are available in many sizes to provide power and towing capability for both private consumers and commercial businesses, including farming and heavy construction. 

If you have purchased a vehicle equipped with a Cummins engine, you will want to service it correctly in order to keep it performing well. The following information is designed to help both first-time and veteran Cummins engine owners extend the lives of their machines. 

Schedule regular fluid changes

Diesel engines exert tremendous stress on their internal parts, especially when towing or hauling heavy loads or working in extreme weather conditions. During operation, moving parts in the engine require sufficient lubrication with good quality oil to function correctly and prevent wear on surfaces. 

As the engine's oil circulates, it is forced through filters to remove any impurities and particulate matter produced during operation. When this matter accumulates and begins to clog the filter's surface, necessary lubrication is reduced. 

The most important action owners can take to prevent the effects of inadequate lubrication for their Cummins engines is to have the oil and filters changed at regular intervals.

To determine the best schedule for each engine, Cummins owners should refer to their owner's manual or ask a qualified diesel service technician. Those who own performance Cummins engines will also need to make sure all parts and lubricants used are specially designed and formulated for their needs. 

Be proactive in servicing worn gaskets

Worn engine gaskets and seals can also be a significant threat to a Cummins performance engine. When having an engine serviced to replace a worn gasket or seal, owners should always insist on having all engine seals and gaskets replaced during the same service visit. 

The amount of stress placed on engine seals and gaskets weakens them as they age. Failing to replace each one on a regular basis can put the engine at risk for serious damage should a worn gasket or seal suddenly fail.

Insist on draining the water separator at each servicing

Water separators help to remove moisture from the fuel that could impact engine power, mileage per gallon of fuel and overall performance. The separator unit is typically located in the same general area as the engine's fuel filters. If your Cummins engine does not currently have a water separator unit, you should insist on having one installed as soon as possible. 

For even more great tips for extending the lifespan of your Cummins performance engine, take a moment to discuss your concerns with a reputable, qualified diesel service technician in your area. 

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