• Is It Time for a New Timing Belt?

    Do you have a suspicion that your vehicle needs a new timing belt? This is the part of your vehicle that plays a key role in getting all valves of the engine to close and open at the right time so that everything runs smoothly. Unfortunately, the nature of the part being made out of rubber and getting hot means that it will eventually crack and need replacement. While the part itself is relatively cheap, it is the labor that can cause the replacement to become expensive.
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  • 3 Reasons To Get Regular Oil Changes

    A vehicle is only reliable when it is maintained properly. Oil changes are among the most frequent maintenance tasks drivers must complete. Regular oil changes can protect your vehicle's engine and extend the life of your car or truck. The next time you think about postponing an overdue oil change, remember these three valuable benefits your vehicle enjoys after each oil change. 1. Engine Gunk Elimination The primary role of engine oil is to travel throughout your vehicle's engine and lubricate all moving parts.
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