5 Aftermarket Car Parts That Really Will Improve Your Gas Mileage

Posted on: 8 June 2016

No matter what gas prices are at any given moment, most drivers always appreciate spending a little less on fuel by improving the efficiency of their vehicle. There are plenty of aftermarket auto parts that claim to increase the number of miles you get per gallon, but not all of them live up to those claims. These five aftermarket parts are all well-tested and known to actually increase your miles per gallon though, so you can feel confident investing in them. 

Lighter Body and Suspension Parts

Start by trimming off whatever weight you can remove by replacing heavy stock body parts with lighter composite replacements. Don't just think about panels and bumpers either. Upgrading to an advanced braking system allows you to use lighter drums and pads, and trimming away even a few pounds per wheel can make a big difference as it adds up. Light aluminum rims, improved suspension parts, and other handling equipment upgrades give you better performance and increased fuel efficiency at the same time. Let a professional body shop handle these tasks since basic mistakes made during the installation can reduce the safety of the vehicle by changing how it reacts in an accident.

Cold Air Intakes

Does replacing body panels and suspension parts sound like a little too much work just to spend a little less on gas? Try a faster fix by replacing your car's standard air supply system with a cold air intake device. These larger filters and intake tubes deliver more oxygen to the engine, resulting in a stronger burn of fuel that provides more power. While an increase in power can help you go faster, it's also a source of higher fuel efficiency when you keep driving at reasonable speeds instead of flooring the gas pedal. Some cold air intakes also make it easier to change your engine air filter, and keeping the filter as clean as possible by replacing it regularly is another key way to keep your fuel efficiency as high as possible.

If you're looking for an even faster fix than swapping out your air intake system, try a high flow filter first. These replacement air filters fit in the standard intakes installed by car manufacturers, but they still send more air to the engine for a small increase in power and efficiency. It's an easy swap and requires no permanent changes to your engine.

Economy Camshafts

Camshafts are complex moving compression rods that help produce pressure inside the engine to create torque and horsepower. While most people shopping for aftermarket parts look for camshafts with higher profiles to create extra compression in the engine, you can also find models with smaller profiles. Economy camshafts trade power at the high end of an engine's performance for more compression and power at the low end. Since most drivers who are concerned about how many miles per gallon they get drive at relatively low speeds instead of redlining their RPM meters, the increase in low-end power results in better fuel efficiency during everyday driving.

Exhaust Systems

Aftermarket exhaust upgrades and mufflers are primarily purchased by street racers or drivers who want everyone to hear them as they drive down the road. However, improving your exhaust system results in better compression in the engine to deliver the fuel efficiency you're hoping to gain. You can gain up to a 5% increase in fuel efficiency by picking the right exhaust upgrades for your vehicle. Don't assume you need a sports car or massive truck to benefit either - exhaust improvements make the most difference in small cars instead.

Underdrive Pulley Kits

Finally. consider how the various accessories on your car are draining your engine's power. Your air conditioning system, water pump, and even the alternator all drag on your engine's efficiency by stealing some of the power it produces. Underdrive pulley kits reduce the amount of power these accessories draw from the rest of the system, resulting in an instant increase in the number of miles per gallon.

For more information about these auto parts and others that might improve your gas mileage, work with an experienced auto shop in your area.