Shifting Focus to Your Commercial Truck's Transmission

Posted on: 1 March 2017

If you use a commercial truck to provide goods and services to the public, you know how important it is to ensure that your commercial vehicle remains in good repair. Many commercial trucks come equipped with automatic transmissions that take the guesswork out of shifting gears. If the transmission malfunctions, your commercial truck could be rendered inoperable.

Here are three important symptoms you should be focusing on that will help you determine if your truck's transmission is failing.

1. The quality of your truck's transmission fluid.

In order to ensure that the many moving components within your truck's transmission stay properly lubricated, you need to carefully monitor the quality of your truck's transmission fluid. As the fluid travels throughout the transmission's moving components, damaged areas can deposit metal shavings, dirt, and debris into the fluid.

If you notice discoloration or particulate matter when you check your transmission fluid levels, this could be a sign that your truck's transmission is failing. Be sure to have a qualified mechanic conduct a thorough inspection to identify and repair the damage before it renders your truck inoperable.

2. The ease with which your truck shifts gears.

An automatic transmission is designed to sense when a gear shift is required for optimal performance, then complete this shift without manual input from the driver. If you notice that your commercial truck isn't shifting as smoothly as it used to, this could be a sign that the transmission is beginning to fail.

An easy way to spot a truck with trouble shifting gears is to keep an eye on the dial measuring RPM output on your truck's dashboard. The transmission is responsible for reducing the RPMs, so if your truck routinely operates with a high RPM reading, then it may be time for some transmission repairs.

3. The transmission makes a grinding noise.

A truck with a functional transmission should be quiet while it is in operation. If you notice the appearance of a grinding or chattering noise while you are driving your commercial truck, these noises could be a sign of imminent transmission failure.

As the mechanical components within the transmission wear out, they can become loose. These loose parts rattle around under normal driving conditions, alerting you to the fact that they are not performing properly. Have your mechanic investigate any grinding, rattling, or chattering created by your truck's transmission.

Paying close attention to the quality and performance of your truck's transmission ensures that you will be able to make the repairs necessary to keep your commercial vehicle on the road.