Own A Car? 2 Ways You Can Prevent Problems With Your Transmission

Posted on: 17 June 2017

If you own your own car you have to do regular maintenance to keep it in good condition. Part of this maintenance is to your transmission. If something goes wrong with your transmission it can be costly to repair or replace. Below are two things you can do to help prevent problems from happening so you can keep your car running longer.

Change the Transmission Fluid

One of the most important things you should do is to keep the transmission fluid changed regularly. To determine how often you need to do this refer to your car's owner's manual. Transmission fluid heats up as you drive your car and over time it will start to degrade. When this happens, the transmission fluid is more like sludge and gunk, which will clog the transmission gears and you will then start noticing problems.

Transmission fluid is bright red and it has a sweet smell. If you check the transmission fluid in your car and it is not red and it has a rancid or putrid smell, then it is time to change it. If you are not sure how to change the transmission fluid in your car, take your car to a mechanic to change it for you. They can show you how so the next time you can do this on your own to save money.

Use an Auxiliary Cooler

You should consider installing an auxiliary cooler on your car. This device keeps your transmission cool so it will not become damaged by excessive heat. This is especially true if you often load your car down with heavy things. The heavier a vehicle is the more wear and tear it takes on the engine to run your car, and it makes the transmission to work harder also. This can cause the transmission to heat up. Once the transmission gets to a certain temperature, the auxiliary cooler will automatically switch on to cool it back down again.

If you do not change your transmission fluid fast enough the auxiliary cooler can help prevent problems with your transmission because it keeps it cool even if the transmission fluid is low or dirty. Your mechanic can install the auxiliary cooler for you.

If you do notice any problems with your transmission, take it to your mechanic quickly (Interstate Transmission & Automotive for starters). The sooner you get it repaired the less money it will cost you. If they tell you the transmission needs to be replaced, you should consider a rebuilt transmission to help you save money.