Top 3 Improvements To Get More Power And Better Performance Out Of Diesel Engines

Posted on: 26 July 2017

Diesel engines are great because of their durability and performance in harsh driving conditions. Trucks, cars and machinery use diesel engines because of their durability, but they often lack power they need in some applications. Turbos are installed on vehicles to give the engines modern power, but sometimes this is just not enough. Here are some of the improvements you can have done to get more performance out of your diesel engine:

1. Upgrade the Fuel System with Better Injectors, Filter and Pump

The fuel system that is stock in your diesel engine hampers performance. Today, there are many choices of aftermarket parts to replace the stock filters, pumps and fuel injectors that are installed in diesel engines at the factory. You want to install injectors that provide a better fuel mixture to the engine, allowing cylinders to fire faster and provide more power. You want pumps and filters that can provide the fuel the engine needs and remove any particles that are a problem for many diesel engines. A good filter will restrict flow of fuel, which is why you will also need a stronger pump to get the right amount of fuel to the engine.

2. Installing Aftermarket Computer Tuning Modules to Amp Up the Horsepower

Aftermarket tuning modules are a computer module that plug into to the engines computer system and allow you to adjust performance. For diesel engines, installing a computer module can significantly increase the horsepower and allow you to monitor performance statistics. There are even high-end modules that will allow you to set the tuning of your engine for different driving conditions. Not only do tuning chips give you better performance, they also help to improve the fuel consumption of diesel engines.

3. Upgrading the Air Intake and Exhaust with High-Performance Systems

The air intake and exhaust system of your diesel engine can also effect performance. Install better exhaust systems that improve the flow of exhaust. In addition, replacing the air intake system provides an affordable power increase with an upgrade you can do yourself on a weekend. When choosing an air intake system, you want to have filters that increase air flow to the engine but keep particles out of the fuel system. Installing a cleanable air filter can also help you save money on regular service maintenance to your diesel engine.

These are some of the improvements that you may want to have done to get more performance from diesel engines. Contact a diesel repair service to help with maintenance and upgrades to get more power from your diesel motor.