3 Signs You Need To Replace Your PCV Valve

Posted on: 2 October 2017

Your vehicle's positive crankcase ventilation valve, also known as the PCV valve, works to clear fuel from the crankcase of your engine as it is burnt to fuel the motion of your vehicle. An improperly functioning PCV valve can thus create a whole host of problems for your car. Understanding the warning signs associated with a failing PCV valve can help you get in touch with a mechanic before it becomes a serious issue for your vehicle.

Clogged Air Filter

An improperly functioning PCV valve can have a huge negative effect on your vehicle's engine air filter. Because the valve is not able to move moisture out of the crankcase of the engine, moisture and oil will begin to appear in your engine's air filter. This can reduce the efficiency of your engine and hamper the performance of your entire vehicle, as explained below. If you notice a buildup of oil and moisture in your air filter, your PCV valve is likely to blame, and you should head to a mechanic straight away.

Reduced Engine Performance

An excessively clogged engine air filter can have a marked and significant impact on the performance of your vehicle. Since a suboptimal amount of air is reaching your engine to burn fuel, your vehicle's top speed and acceleration will be hampered. If you notice that your engine suddenly feels less powerful and responsive, your PCV valve could be to blame, especially if the filter contains traces of oil. Further, a clogged air filter will also reduce the fuel efficiency of your engine, even if the performance of your engine stays the same, so if you notice yourself filling up your vehicle more often without a corresponding change in your driving habits, your PCV valve could be the culprit.

Leaking Oil

Your PCV valve works to remove pressure from the crankcase of the engine, and so when it begins to fail can lead to a pressure increase in certain areas of your engine. This can make an oil leak a much more likely occurrence, as an increase in pressure places greater stress on the various gaskets within your engine. Therefore, if you notice oil leaking underneath your vehicle, especially if there has been a decrease in the performance of your vehicle and your air filter has signs of oil in it, your PCV valve is almost certainly to blame and you should head to an auto service professional straight away. 

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