Why Have Your Car Detailed?

Posted on: 29 December 2018

Are you wanting to get your car detailed but you can't justify the expense? There are many reasons to have a vehicle detailed, which you will learn about here. Learn why auto detailing is important and how much this service will cost.

You extend the life of your car's interior

Car detailing does more than just make your vehicle look good, the service allows you to enjoy the interior of your vehicle longer. Detailing involves removing dust and debris from your car's dash, radio knobs, speakers, and more, and will make your car's cloth or leather interior shine and remain healthier as well.

If you are worried about cracking or fading of your car's interior, let your detailing specialist know. The specialist can use special chemicals that will protect your car's insides from the sun's harmful rays and other damages, such as food and beverage spills. Since you want your car to look as good on the inside as the outside, detailing is a must.

You pay attention to the small details

Did you know that car detailing can also involve the exterior of your vehicle, such as shining headlights, cleaning rims, and buffing your vehicle for an even, clean finish? Or that you can have your steering wheel, floors, and other parts of your car — even your trunk — carefully attended to? The smaller details of your car that you likely ignore when washing or cleaning out your vehicle will get special attention when you give your car a professional detailing job.

You can get car detailing done in different packages, much like an oil change service: the basic package will give you a basic detail and upholstery cleaning, while more detailed services will give you more perks.

You get better resale value

If you plan on buying a new car in the future or you want to trade in your vehicle for a new one, then you should get your car detailed. Detailing gives your vehicle that newer car look and also shows that you take pride in your car — something a potential new owner will appreciate. A car detailing job is relatively inexpensive at under $200 in most cases. Costs vary depending on the size of your vehicle.

You can have your car detailed at an auto detailing service or at most auto service companies. The investment is well worth it and you can help keep your car in better condition by having it detailed regularly.