How To Get Your Tires Ready For A Long Road Trip Vacation

Posted on: 28 April 2019

If you're planning a long road trip for a family vacation to see new scenery and visit new states, then you'll want to make sure your car is in good shape before you go. The tires, in particular, are easy to forget about, but you should consider having them checked and serviced at a tire shop before your trip so you can reduce the risk of a flat tire that spoils an entire day of your vacation. Here are some ways to get your tires ready for the road.

Have The Pressure Checked 

The tires on your car are supposed to be at a certain pressure. You can find this number in the car's manual that you probably keep in your glove compartment. If you don't know how to check the air in your tires, ask a mechanic at the tire service shop to show you how so you can check it while you're on the road. Pressures should be checked when the tires are cool, so you'll want to do it first thing in the morning. If the pressure in a tire is low, you'll be alerted to a slow leak so you can get the tire repaired before it goes flat. If you've not put air in your tires before, ask the mechanic to explain how to do it so that the tire reaches the right pressure. Checking the pressure is one thing the tire shop does to make sure your tires are fit for a road trip and that you start the trip off safely.

Check The Condition Of The Tires

The tire shop will also check the tread on the tires to make sure it isn't worn since your car won't grip the road very well with worn-down tires. The mechanic takes into account the number of miles you'll be driving on your vacation, which will probably exceed what you would normally drive by a great deal. You may want to put on new tires earlier than you planned so you'll have quality tires for your trip. In addition, the mechanic will check when you had your tires rotated, balanced, and aligned last time. If it's been a while, then you might have these services done too.

Get Your Spare Tire Ready

You'll want to carry a spare tire so you can have it in case you have a flat. The spare should be in good shape in case you have to depend on it while on vacation. If you don't know how to change a spare, then you may want to get a roadside service plan if you don't have one so you can call for help. You should have your flat repaired while you're on your trip so you won't have to drive without a spare. The tire service shop will check all your tires as well as the spare to make sure they are ready for a long drive so you can enjoy the scenery and not worry about your tires.