3 Tips To Help You Find The Right Pre-Owned Vehicle For You

Posted on: 22 October 2019

If you are like many, you feel that it's not a wise decision to buy a car, van, truck, or SUV brand new. You know that the minute you drive it off of that lot, the value of the vehicle will drop by the thousands. So instead of buying new, you made the decision to buy a pre-owned vehicle. Here, you'll find a few tips to help find the pre-owned vehicle that will serve you well for a few years.

Research Online

Today, consumers have it a lot better than they did in years past – you have the internet to turn to for information. You can find reviews about each year, make, and model of car that you might consider. Use the consumer reviews to find a vehicle that is known for reliability, value, and affordability. After spending some time reading, you'll likely come to the conclusion that many do – the cheaper foreign vehicles will not serve you well. These are among the most-towed vehicles in the United States. It's this information that will help you weed out the vehicles that will end up costing you more in repairs and maintenance than they are worth. Domestic cars, like pre-owned Chevrolet vehicles, are usually a better choice. 

Extend the Test Drive

One of the big red flags when buying a pre-owned vehicle is the check engine light. When this light is illuminated, it means that there is something wrong with the vehicle. The light can easily be reset, so you need to take an extended test drive to make sure that the light will not kick on after a few miles are driven or the car is restarted several times.

Talk with the dealer – he or she may allow you to take the vehicle for an overnight test drive. The miles that you're allowed to drive during the test drive may be limited, but it will give you more than enough time to take it to your mechanic and have it looked over — and start it up and drive it several times to find out if the check engine light will come on.

Understand the Warranty

If the used car that you're considering comes with a warranty, make sure that you understand the warranty. Note the number of miles and length of time that the warranty protects the vehicle. Also, read through the fine print to find out what is and isn't covered under the policy.

Take your time – this is a big decision to make. Eventually, you'll find the vehicle that meets your needs, works with your budget, and gives you the peace of mind that you need while you're driving.