Don't Ignore These 6 Common Brake Problems

Posted on: 2 May 2022

With good care and regular maintenance, your brakes serve you for a long time. However, even with regular maintenance, your brakes can run into problems from time to time. Your brakes are a significant safety component of your vehicle, so you should watch out for any unusual behavior.

Reach out to a BMW auto repair shop if you encounter the problems discussed below.

1. Vibrations or Wobbles When you Brake

Over time, your rotor surface wears down and becomes uneven. For example, if your vehicle or steering wheel vibrates or shakes when you apply brakes, your rotor thickness might be uneven. If you leave the rotor surface uneven for long, the brake pad material builds up on the uneven surface. As a result, the uneven surface worsens over time.

2. A Pungent Smell

After constant hard brakes on a steep road, a burnt smell or a chemical odor indicates overheated calipers or brakes. First, pull over and check whether your parking brake is completely released. Then, let your brakes cool. Otherwise, your hazard will heat the brake fluid to boil, and you risk brake failure.

3. Metallic Squeal

If you hear a metallic sound when you are in motion, and the sound stops when you brake, that could be brake pad wear. You hear a metallic sound when your brake pads contact the rotor without the application of the brakes. Get a BMW auto repair before you suffer rotor damage, which could prove costly.

4. Leaky Fluid

If you have a soft brake pedal, ask a BMW technician to check the master cylinder or brake framework for a fluid. The master cylinder contains the brake fluid that is pushed up to create a force for your brakes. If the fluid leaks, your breaks will lack sufficient capacity to force the brake pads to press hard on the rotors.

5. Car Pulls

When your car pulls to either side when you brake, you could have various issues. For example, uneven tires, broken front tire valves, or a faulty valve. However, the main cause is a frozen caliper. Your caliper freezes up with time, and you might take a long time to notice. Car pulls are a dangerous ordeal, and a new caliper is costly but saves you time and keeps you safe.

6. Brake Pedal Pulses

When your rotors are warped out, your brake pedals pulse up and down when you apply brakes. You will likely have frequent rotor wear if you drive a lot and are hard on your brakes. If you face such a problem, you must resurface the rotors or get new brake pads. Your BMW mechanic guides you on the best way forward.


Your brakes and brake parts are not permanent and will wear out with time. You risk your safety and put other road users at risk if you delay brake repairs. If you notice any of the above indicators, don't hesitate to contact your trusted BMW auto repair expert to get an accurate diagnosis.