Signs Your RV Needs Repair

Posted on: 24 May 2022

Recreational vehicles (RVs) are excellent vehicles for taking long or short trips as they're spacious and can go off-road. However, RVs are prone to damage due to constant use, calling for RV repair. But how do you know that your RV is due for repair? Here are the indicators.

Body Damage 

Your RV's body is prone to damage, usually due to exposure to weather elements. For example,  excess moisture may cause moisture damage to the body, including corrosion or rotting of wooden components. Additionally, body damage may occur due to accidents or contact with hard objects. This may lead to dent or crack formation. Body damage may negatively affect your RV's appearance. So, perform RV repair when you notice body damage.

Roof Leakage

When your RV's roofing has cracks or holes, water may leak into your vehicle via the roof. This may lead to mold growth in your vehicle's interior. These molds may pose a health risk as their spores can trigger allergies. Also, excess water inside your vehicle may cause the rotting of your RV's interior, including your wood seats. If the damage is severe, replacement of your vehicle's interior may be necessary, and this can be costly. Thus, think of doing RV repair as soon as you spot a leakage to preserve your RV's body and interior.

Windshield Damage

Your RVs windshield offers protection against outside elements when driving. Nevertheless, the windscreen may crack due to a collision or contact with hard objects like rocks. Additionally, sharp debris may cause scratches when they fall on your windshield. Ideally, driving with a damaged windscreen may be risky as the cracks may obstruct your view on the road. This may increase the risk of car accidents. In such cases, consider RV repair.

Check Engine Light Warning

When your RV is experiencing internal issues, the check engine light on your dashboard may turn on. For instance, your engine may be overheating, or your battery may not be charging due to some loose connections. Once the check engine light comes on, get RV service professionals to inspect the vehicle, identify the issue and fix it.

Weird Noises

If your recreational vehicle produces unusual sounds during operation, this indicates trouble. For instance, banging sounds indicate some loose components in your vehicle. In contrast, grinding sounds may indicate friction of moving parts. Performing RV repair may be necessary to ensure the proper performance of all your vehicle's parts with minimal noise.

The common indicators of RV repair include roof leakage, check engine light warning, weird noises, and windshield and body damage. Consider repairing your recreational vehicle when you see these signs.