What To Do If You Are Locked Out Of Your Car Or Truck

Posted on: 28 June 2022

Getting locked out of a vehicle can be very inconvenient, and often trying to find a way in can cause damage that is expensive to repair. Calling an emergency car locksmith is typically the best solution for getting the car open and is often faster than spending time trying to get in yourself.

Manually Lock Manipulation

Most older cars and trucks had a locking mechanism that a locksmith could open with a tool that reached into the door between the glass and the seal, allowing the car locksmith to move the lock bar and open the door manually. If you still own an older car or a classic automobile, this method still works, but you have to know how to get to the locking mechanism and how to manipulate it to unlock the door.

Being able to jimmy the door like this also allowed people to break in easier, and eventually, door locks started being covered with a steel plate that didn't allow for the manual unlocking tools that most locksmiths used to work. If your car is old enough to still be opened using this method, the car locksmith can often pop the lock open in a few seconds and get you into the car. 

Bump Keys And Specialty Tools

Emergency car locksmiths often have a set of special keys that they can use to open locks through the keyhole. A bump key is a key cut specifically to activate the tumblers inside the lock using some movement as the key is inserted.

These keys take some experience to use, but an experienced car locksmith can often use a set of bump keys to open the door of your car. These tools are very effective and can be carried by some wrecker services, roadside assistance providers, and emergency car locksmith services. They are also safer to use on new cars because they have no effect on the side air base inside the door and eliminate the potential for damage to the lock mechanism.

Electronic Keys

If you drive a car that uses an electronic key, but you lose the key, you need a car locksmith to make a new one for you. A key with a security chip is only available through the car dealership or a locksmith service in most cases. 

If you get a key from another source, you still need a locksmith to program it to work with your vehicle. These keys can be costly, and the locksmith must do the required programming correctly, or the key will not work.

If you lose an electronic key, plan to spend a few hundred dollars for a replacement and check with the local locksmith to see what they charge to come and program it for you. In some situations, the programming adds several hundred more onto the cost because it requires specialized equipment and knowledge to do correctly. 

For more information, contact a car locksmith near you.