• Spring Tips to Protect Your Car's Windshield

    With the coming of spring also comes the time to check that your car weathered winter conditions well. Most people know to check the tires and wash the grime off the paint, but they may overlook the windshields. Unfortunately, your car's windshields often take the brunt of the harsh winter conditions and small problems can quickly become worse as spring turns into summer. The following are few things to check to prevent problems later on.
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  • The Pros And Cons Of Using A Tire Plug For A Flat Tire

    If you have a flat tire, you may be able to salvage the tire. Both plugs and patches can be used to seal up minor holes, preventing you from having to get a new tire. In some cases, a tire store may highly recommend one over the other, based on the location of the hole or the size of the hole that is causing the tire to go flat. In other cases, both will work and the decision is up to you.
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